There is also a plan with an airline ticket.


  • When is the reservation start date?

    We start accepting reservation both online and telephone approximately 6 months in advance.※It depends on the availability of the hotel.

  • When does the cancellation fee happen?

    Cancellation fee occurs from a week before check-in.
    7 days ago to 3 days: 20%
    2 days ago to the day before: 80%
    the day & no-show: 100%
    ※ It is different via a travel agency (domestic and overseas travel website). Contact your distributor.

  • Can you keep our luggage before checking in and after checking out?

    We can keep your luggage at the front desk anytime exept valuable or breakable items.

  • If I send the package to the hotel before checking in, will you receive it?

    We accept it. If you send a suitcase or package before checking in, we will receive it at the front desk and give it to you when checking in. (Please write down the reservation name and check-in date on the delivery form.)

  • Do you have a child fee?

    It is free of charge for preschool children and accompanying them to bed. Breakfast is not included.

  • Until what age can children sleep together for free?

    If the child doesn't need a bed, you can sleep with your child up to 6 years old (preschooler).

  • Can people who don't stay overnight eat breakfast?

    I accept. Please make an offer at the restaurant directly. The fee is \1,980 (tax included) for one person.

  • Do you have a parking lot? How much is the fee?

    We have a three-dimensional parking lot. You can use it for 3,000 JPY per night. For more information, please see to the "Facilities and services in the guest rooms"

  • Until what time can we request to clean the room?

    It will be until 2pm. After that time, we will be able to change only towels and replenish amenities such as toothbrush, coffee and tee etc.

  • By what time do I have to check in?

    We have our staff for 24-hours at the front desk, but please kindly contact us if you arrive after midnight. If we do not hear from you, we may cancel your reservation.

  • Are there any massage services in the hotel ?

    Unfortunately, our hotel does not offer that kind of service at this time.

  • Is there any shuttle service from airport or station?

    Unfortunately, our hotel does not offer that kind of service at this time.