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【About the work -Artist, Yuuki Horiuchi】
There are hidden messages. Marcel Proust called these "signs". Events lose their original purpose, and a completely different object or meaning appears. There is a definite sense of "joy" here, even if at first, we don't understand what it is - this is the mystery I want to capture. Within flowing clouds or passing wind, or even just looking into the mirror at yourself, underneath the sign exists something completely different. Most likely, you and I have had to work hard at making these discoveries.
I have experienced actual events like reading a girls' comic through winter in Germany, my friend and I facing each other with blue trays at the canteen in Greece, or the moon in Scotland shifting the moment I looked away from it. And like that, things resembling imaginary celestial bodies, including unreadable comics or mirrors showing nothing, have continued to appear to me over the years.

【Exhibition description -Organizer, 3331 Arts Chiyoda】
Yuuki Horiuchi gathers ideas from slips in our perception and understanding, creating installations and two-dimensional works that offer us a sense of poetry.
The pieces in this exhibition use mirrors and comics as motifs, reassembling reflections of light, speech bubbles, and lines of effect through the filter of Horiuchi's eyes. It may seem as though mirrors and comics have nothing in common, yet both do not reveal objects as they truly appear. In fact, they are related in that they both strip away an object's surplus of information, causing it to appear flat on the surface.
When we see something, we immediately recognize it as "〇〇". This is, however, simply our understanding of it based on the definition provided by general knowledge and context. In actuality, it could be that we are not taking in its existence entirely.
The world's phenomena are richer and more complex than what we make of them. Horiuchi's works carry a slight humor, while shaking up what we think we are seeing, giving us the chance to connect to the secrets of our world.

Photo : Title "Mirror"

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Parallel worldの作家

1990 Born in Nara, Japan
2018 M.F.A., Oil Painting course, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
2016 Glasgow School of Art (exchange program)
2019 London Summer Intensive Showcase, Camden Arts Center, London
2019 May, Igai Studio, Tokyo
2018 Imitation. Fire. Place, Solo Exhibition, Central Saint Martins, London
2018 Helen at the Mountain, Tetsuo’s Garage (by Troedsson Villa), Nikko
2018 Pn -Powers of PLAY-, Chinretsukan Gallery, The University Art Museum, Tokyo

Portrait photo: Hisako Kawakami