Card Key Kyogen

Card Key

Kyogen is creating a new kamon - or family crest - style by taking a new approach to the tradition that has been passed down since the Heian Period (1100’s). The fruits of such an approach can be seen in the hall in front of each door’s elevator, and NOHGA HOTEL’s card keys. Moreover, Kyogen’s kamon-inspired pictogram designs can be seen around NOHGA HOTEL.



Kyogen Studio opened 2010 inside a renovated old residential home situated in Inari-cho. While preserving the traditional techniques of “Monsho-uwaeshi”, craftsmen who inscribe kamon (family crests) by hand onto kimono, Kyogen devotes itself to creating new kamon designs and kam on art for corporations and individuals based on the concept of “kamon in the context of modern design”. They propose new forms of combining kamon with products, collaborating with designers of various genres.

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