Do not Disturb card SyuRo

Do not Disturb card

Complementing the style of the guest rooms’ interior design, SyuRo has produced wood, metal, and leather goods for NOHGA HOTEL in collaboration with craftsmen from all over Japan, including from Taito-ku. Just within NOHGA HOTEL’s guestrooms, you can experience the craftsmanship of Tokyo and Japan.



In 2008, Ms. Unayama opened her first brick-and-mortar shop, SyuRo, in Torigoe, Taito Ward. Carrying out in-house planning and development under its own original brand, SyuRo creates products using Japanese traditions and artisanal techniques in sheltered workshops. They promote their products designed for long-term everyday use, both within Japan and abroad. The owner and designer herself was born in Ueno’s Taito ward, and had also resided in the Taito Designers’ Village.

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