Original aroma oil / Room spray NOHGA HOTEL #2 TOMOKO SAITO aromatique

Original aroma oil / Room spray NOHGA HOTEL #2

This aroma adds grapefruit and refreshing herb scents such as spike lavender to NOHGA HOTEL #1, which was blended with base notes of hinoki cypress and yuzu citrus. It is a new original aroma that is fitting for NOHGA HOTEL UENO TOKYO, which is welcoming its second year, with its theme of “communication” inspired by the spread of space and time, akin to the spread of leaves and branches when new foliage sprouts. Please use the room spray on a space by giving a slight puff. It is also recommended for when you want to refresh a room or change the atmosphere.


TOMOKO SAITO aromatique

Tomoko Saito is a custom aroma and incense designer. Sourcing fine natural essential oils from around the world, Tomoko Saito tailor-makes original aromas to suit the purpose of the situation. Besides working alongside aroma specialists, Tomoko Saito also produces original aromas domestically and abroad, for space production cases such as at concerts and museums.

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