Original Green Tea and Roasted Green Tea NAKAMURA TEA LIFE STORE

Original Green Tea and Roasted Green Tea

It is a collaboration with NAKAMURA TEA LIFE STORE, the company store of the Nakamura tea family that has cultivated tea for 100 years in Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture. The original NOHGA HOTEL organic tea is grown among mountains where there is a harsh temperature difference between night and day, without use of agrochemicals or chemical fertilizers. Enjoy the fresh taste and rich aroma of tea leaves. The low-caffeine, high-temperature-roasted hojicha tea has a fragrant aroma and robust flavor. The luxurious tea is made using pesticide-free organic first-grade tea, roasted with an original method. The tin design is by Keigo Nishikata of NAKAMURA TEA LIFE STORE. It is recommended as a gift.

*We regret to inform you that we have been stopped selling for this product temporarily.We will inform you on the website and at the shop when the sales are resumed.



A direct sale shop for the Nakamura Tea Farm, which has been growing tea for over 100 years in Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture. The entire process of producing tea leaves from cultivation and harvesting to processing is handled directly by the Nakamura Tea Farm, and the label on each package includes the date of harvest, the location the tea was harvested, and the cultivation methods used.  Hideo Nakamura, the third-generation head of the farm first started organic cultivation, and those techniques are now continued by the fourth generation, Wataru Nakamura and his younger brother Michio Nakamura, together with the many veteran craftspeople of the Nakamura Tea Farm.

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