Original T-shirt Designed by Kyogen Kyogen

Original T-shirt  Designed by Kyogen
Original T-shirt  Designed by Kyogen

This limited-quantity T-shirt commemorating the 1st anniversary of NOHGA HOTEL UENO TOKYO features a drawing of a tokyobike bicycle by Shoryu Hatoba of Kyogen. The T-shirt features a fusion of a unique Kyogen modern design with a technique handed down from the Edo period of drawing fine details by skillfully connecting large and small circles using a bamboo compass known as a bun-mawashi. It is only available here. Kume Seni Kogyo is a venerable domestic T-shirt maker that boasts a manufacturing history of over 80 years. Its finished quality makes you feel the excellent “made in Japan” techniques used that combine good texture and durability.



Kyogen Studio opened 2010 inside a renovated old residential home situated in Inari-cho. While preserving the traditional techniques of “Monsho-uwaeshi”, craftsmen who inscribe kamon (family crests) by hand onto kimono, Kyogen devotes itself to creating new kamon designs and kam on art for corporations and individuals based on the concept of “kamon in the context of modern design”. They propose new forms of combining kamon with products, collaborating with designers of various genres.

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