Post Card Kakimori

Post Card

This original postcard was created with Kakimori, a stationary store in Kuramae for enjoying writing. The photograph, taken by the photographer Norma Aratani and capturing a single moment of “OUR NEIGHBORS,” expresses the charms of the Ueno area in Taito City. It will be happily received as a letter sent from a travel destination and a handwritten message. Please enjoy the time you spend freely writing your feelings to a special someone on this postcard.



Kakimori is a specialized stationery goods boutique that shares the joy of writing through a range of sophisticated products, including fountain pens and made to order notebooks. Amidst the decline in stationery artisans caused by the advance of digitization, Takuma Hirose, the third generation owner, established the Kakimori store to provide people with the renewed joy of writing. Each and every stationery product offered at their store is handmade by artisans with devotion.

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