Silver tumbler Nisshin Kikinzoku

Silver tumbler

Nisshin Kikinzoku takes a new perspective to create next-generation silverware, rooted in the silversmithing traditions of the late Edo Period (1800’s). At Bistro NOHGA, their silver tumblers in food and drink pair- ings provide a chance to taste the difference that silver pieces bring to a meal. Enjoy Tokyo Silversmith with a glass of beer, sake, or wine.


Nisshin Kikinzoku

Nisshin Kikinzoku is a third-generation silversmith in Taito and has been around since 1964. It is a workshop that cen- ters its craft around silverware continuing tradition and tools. Here you can experience making silverware in a workshop led by the master himself Sousho Kamikawa, and his daugh- ter and three sons.

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