Original aroma oil / Room spray TOMOKO SAITO aromatique

Original aroma oil / Room spray

In the creation of this original NOHGA HOTEL scent, Tomoko Saito visualized NOHGA HOTEL’s roots in Ueno, a neighborhood with a natural landscape, rich tradition of hand-crafting, and history of parks and museums. This scent extracts the essence of Japanese Cypress and Yuzu, and layers the essences of the woods and soil, creating an enveloping sense of calmness. Using citrus essences and purifying peppermint, Tomoko Saito is also curating scents to create refreshing and reviving spaces in the fitness and restrooms.


TOMOKO SAITO aromatique

Tomoko Saito is a custom aroma and incense designer. Sourcing fine natural essential oils from around the world, Tomoko Saito tailor-makes original aromas to suit the purpose of the situation. Besides working alongside aroma specialists, Tomoko Saito also produces original aromas domestically and abroad, for space production cases such as at concerts and museums.

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