We have collaborated with various local artists, craftspeople, and organizations to create custom-made products to convey Kyoto’s dynamic culture and edgy sensibility. These creative products specifically designed to fit our concept can be found in our guest rooms and public areas.

  • Matcha Bowl

    Yu Kanai
  • Cups

  • Uniform (Pocket Square)

    Tatsumura Art Textiles
  • Original Aroma Oil / Room Spray

    TOMOKO SAITO aromatique
  • Minibar / Headboard

    Nishimura Shouten
  • Pendant Light

  • Reading Lamp for Suite Room

  • Stand Light

  • Suikinkutsu

    Shinya Taniguchi
  • Do Not Disturb Card

    Ryu Mieno
  • Room Key

  • Notepad

  • Tissue Box

  • Amenity Tray

  • Hanger/Clothing Brush Coating

    Makino Urushi Kogei
  • Uniform (Name Tag)

  • Hair Dryer Bag

  • Hanger/Clothing Brush

  • BGM Selection

    unprivate acoustics
  • Uniform

  • Room Wear

  • Bath Amenities ( shampoo / conditioner / body soap / hand soap)


Matcha BowlYu Kanai

The BukuBuku series is known for its fizzy glazing. This unique glazing has been made with countless experiments, yet its unstable material gives each piece an individual touch.



"A Cup that Fits Your Hand". The curved part is bent just right to fit your hand. The moment you pick up the cup, it feels somewhat comforting. The color is custom-made to suit our guestroom interior.


Uniform (Pocket Square)Tatsumura Art Textiles

The pocket squares our team members wear along with our uniform is made with scraps of kimono. Designed with a traditional Japanese motif of Shosoin in Nara, "Oshidori Karakusamon Nishiki", "Budo Karakusamon Kin", and "Ryoukamon Nishiki" are the designs created back in 8th century.


Original Aroma Oil / Room SprayTOMOKO SAITO aromatique

Our aroma is inspired by the tranquility of Kyoto and the softness of a cafe. With coffee and cacao as a base note, scent reminiscent to Kyotoites like sandalwood, Kitayama cedars, and spicebush are blended. The aroma symbolizes old and new, traditions and modernity, interaction and harmony.


Minibar / HeadboardNishimura Shouten

The design is custom-made for the hotel from the selection of the base to the pattern of the design. Although hiki-haku is typically created for Nishijin textiles used in kimonos, at NOHGA HOTEL KIYOMIZU KYOTO, our guest rooms are embellished with mesmerizing threads.


Pendant LightTouan

Touan created this modern pendant light made of Kiyomizu-ware with the flower-like crystalline pattern for our guest rooms.


Reading Lamp for Suite Room Asahiyaki

With the design concept of "fusion", Asahiyaki created reading lamps bespoke to NOHGA Suite. Made with clay from Uji and fired with pine wood, the dark and light glazing gives a beautiful contrast.



Stand light in guest rooms are crafted by TOKINOHA. A modern design with simplicity and warmth.


SuikinkutsuShinya Taniguchi

The "Suikinkutsu" was custom-made for our meditation room. Its rough texture is unlike a ceramic product, giving a unique figure and impression of lava rocks and meteorites.


Do Not Disturb CardRyu Mieno

Patterns inspired by nature is Ryu Mieno's signature, and NOHGA HOTEL KIYOMIZU KYOTO's Do Not Disturb Card is designed with randomness and flow of nature. Our Eco-friendly Card symbolizes "water" and Do Not Disturb Card symbolizes "earth".


Room KeyUnsodo

Designs were created by important artistic figures from early twentieth-century, Sekka Kamisaka and Korin Furuya. Two designs were chosen from a woodblock print collection, "Kokkei Zuan" by Sekka and one design from "Datemoyo Hanazukushi" by Korin. Woodblock prints are typically known for kimono patterns, but these playful and vivid pieces somewhat give modern impression.



Made with black clay and gray glazing, the design is chic yet warm.


Tissue BoxKahotoen

The lid of guestroom tissue box is made with Kiyomizu-ware, made with black clay and gray glazing, giving the chic yet warm impression. The tissue box cover is made with Masu, a wooden sake cup, familiar to Kyotoites.


Amenity TrayKahotoen

Made with black clay and gray glazing, the design is chic yet warm.


Hanger/Clothing Brush CoatingMakino Urushi Kogei

SyuRo, a neighbor of our sister properties, has designed products in collaboration with craftspeople of Kyoto. Lacquer coating by Makino Urushi Kogei is sleek yet somewhat nostalgic.


Uniform (Name Tag)ALLOY

As a part of our corporate sustainability, we use leather cutting waste produced in the manufacturing process to upcycle as much waste as possible. Given a new life, the leather piece is printed with our team member's nickname and is a special name tag made for each one of us.


Hair Dryer BagKyogen

Kamon, a family crest, has been a tradition since 12th century, and Kyogen has devoted to create a new style of kamon. This bespoke bag design is inspired from kamon's simple design composition of circles and lines.


Hanger/Clothing BrushSyuRo

Complementing the style of the guest rooms' interior design, SyuRo has created hangers and clothing brushes with soft, warm touch in collaboration with craftspeople from Japan.


BGM Selectionunprivate acoustics

Bespoke background music selected by Kenichiro Nishihara. Collaborating with artists like Daisuke Goto from Jabberloop and Jizue, Kenichiro has created a selection unique to Kyoto.



With the Japanese idea of "iki", or chic, in mind, junhashimoto fused design and function to create a silhouetted piece of comfort and sleekness. They have designed Kyoto's uniform with a theme of "blending and harmonizing with the city"; purple for elegance and green for nature.



Soft and comfortable, our room wear gives you a sophisticated silhouette. The color is based on the image of "gosu", which has long been used in Kiyomizu ware, to match the interior design.


Bath Amenities ( shampoo / conditioner / body soap / hand soap)OSAJI

OSAJI has been evolving as times change, delivering a truly sustainable and safe product. Fragrance helps to change our mood, and we use IKOI series from OSAJI which resembles the fragrance of a bouquet. IKOI soothes your skin and helps to unwind after a long day.