4-452-1 Gojobashi-Higashi Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-city, Kyoto


    • From Keihan Railway Kiyomizu-Gojo Station: 7-minute walk

      ROUTE: 1

      1. Exit to the ground level from Exit 4.
      2. Walk along Gojo Street for about 7 minutes.
      3. Walk past the overpass bridge. After 50 meters further the hotel is on the left.
    • From JR Kyoto Station:
      10 minutes by taxi,
      20 minutes by bus
      (15-minute bus ride, 5-minute walk)

      ROUTE: 2

      1. 10-minute ride with taxi.

      ROUTE: 3

      1. Exit Kyoto Station from Exit B7 where you will find the bus terminal.
      2. From the bus terminal "Kyoto Eki-mae", get on Bus No 206 (bound for Higashiyama-dori and Kitaoji Bus Terminal).
      3. After about 15-minute ride, get off at "Gojozaka".
      4. After getting off, turn back and walk along Higashioji-dori for about one minute, then turn right at the Gojozaka intersection.
      5. Walk straight for about two minutes and you will find the hotel on the right.